Fast Dawid-Skene

A fast crowdsourced vote aggregation algorithm

Visual Relationship Detection

Research Internship at the University of Tokyo in the summer of 2018

Detecting Diabetic Retinopathy from Fundus Images

Research Internship at Robert Bosch in the summer of 2017

Second Order Momentum

Application of momentum in second order methods, such as Newton's method and BFGS


Implementation of the model described in "Training deep neural nets to aggregate crowdsourced responses." by Gaunt et al.

Extreme Classification

Techniques to effectively perform multi-label classification from a very large set of labels

Crowdsourced Data Simulator

A program that simulates answers given by a crowd to multiple choice questions with either a single or multiple answers correct, and writes it to a CSV

Land Cover Segmentation

Perform pixel-wise segmentation on satellite images based on land cover type